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Introduction to Pack 61 Popcorn Sales 

Selling popcorn is Pack 61’s only fundraiser.  Over 73% of the proceeds go to local Scouting, with the Pack receiving 37%+ of all proceeds.  All Scouts are encouraged to participate, with the goal being to sell $350 per Scout.  Believe it or not, even brand new Tiger Scouts can be highly effective sales machines.Picture1

Pack 61 uses the money from popcorn sales to fund awards, Pack Meetings, facilities, Pack Activities, Den subsidies, and other expenses.  Popcorn sales are a perfect example of the first maxim of business:  Nothing happens until someone sells something. We ask each Scout to try to sell at least $350 in popcorn.


Four Ways to Sell

Selling popcorn is a great way to teach our boys how to give change, keep track of items, and be polite when asking for support. There are 4 basic ways to sell Cub Scout Popcorn.  Here is a brief description of the benefits and drawbacks of each:

  1. Take Orders on the Form:  The Council form has the widest selection of products and is very useful for selling to family and friends.  Orders must be submitted by October 8th.  Popcorn will be available for delivery the week of September 23rd.  All Show & Sell money must be collected and turned in to your Den Popcorn Point Person by October 19th.  All Order form money must be submitted by October 19th.

  2. Individual Show & Sell: Scouts take Show & Sell kits around to friends, family, co-workers, teachers, or local businesses.  The real strength of Show & Sell kits is that they contain the most popular products at the best price points.  Also, there is no need to return to deliver the product and collect money.  Individual Scouts can go to the storefronts to sell their kits when there is no Den there.  Individuals can also negotiate directly with other shop owners as they see fit.  Unsold popcorn must be returned to your Den Popcorn Point Person by October 19th (unless special arrangements are made in advance) in sellable condition and unopened.

  3. Den Show & Sell:  Selling products as a Den in front of local businesses is a great way to piggyback on heavy business traffic.  The Pack has weekend permission to sell in front of specific Safeway grocery stores, as well as at the County Center in Redwood City on Wednesday afternoons.  Each Den is asked to sell at least four times.  Individuals and Dens can sign up to sell to sell at these locations.  Sign up at Popcorn Booth Sales.

  4. Online:  Scouts can register at with validation code “popcorn” to sell popcorn online.  Since shipping is available, this is a great way to sell to friends and relatives who live far away.  Also, friends and relatives that would like to support scouting but who do not want popcorn can make a donation via the website that will be used to provide popcorn to military service members.  Online sales must be completed by October 27th.

There are Lots of Prizes!!!

Scouts can earn great prizes for selling popcorn.
    • Any Scout who sells popcorn will receive a popcorn participation patch
    • $200 or more in sales–receive a $5 Amazon or Target gift card for every $100 sold.
    • Online sales of $300 or more–receive an Amazon Gift Card for 5% of the online sales amount.
    • $650 or more in sales–receive a remote control Dune Buggy AND a $100 Gift Card for the Council’s camps at Cutter or Boulder Creek (Free Cub-On!).
    • $1000 or more in sales–get invited to the Big Spin!!! (spin the wheel to score cool prizes).
  • $2,500+ in sales–receive 6% of total sales and any future year’s sales (regardless of how much you sell in the future) as a Trail’s End Scholarship.

If you sell an entire kit and need more popcorn to sell, please contact your den leader to get more popcorn.

We also accept monetary donations

You may find that some people would like to make a monetary donation to cub scouts, but do not want any popcorn.  We gladly accept monetary donations.  Please thank those individuals for their generous contribution, and keep track of donation money separately from popcorn sales money.

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