Pack 61 has major events that occur each year:


Back 2 School and Scouting - Time to recruit and Join Pack 61

Welcome Back Pack Picnic


Bobcat Bootcamp - All new Scouts earn their Bobcat rank!


Raingutter Regatta - Scouts use kits to build a trimaran and then the Pack holds races for an ultimate winner! It is a great opportunity to learn about good sportsmanship!


Winter Carnival - Celebrate the holiday season with the Winter Olympics


Blue and Gold Banquet - our celebration of Scouting's birthday


Pinewood Derby - The incredible Cub Scout Pinewood Derby - where Scouts use a kit and build their own pinewood derby cars to race in the Pack's Derby and finalists move onto the District Races!


Bridging and Rank Promotion - When our 5th grade Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts bridge into a Boy Scout Troop and become Boy Scouts. All other Cub Scouts promote to their next rank level.


End of year Pack Celebration - Party Time!

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